Last items bought on Evolera

#PicturePlayer NameItem NamePointsDate
1Saca El WhiskeyCorrupted Manarune3515 May, 22:04:49
2Saca El WhiskeyCorrupted Wand4014 May, 8:33:50
3Saca El Whiskey5 Vip Days1514 May, 8:33:35
4AstCorrupted Manarune359 May, 22:08:06
5Fred5 Vip Days158 May, 8:49:05
6Jack Crow5 Vip Days158 May, 6:02:15
7Ast5 Vip Days157 May, 21:00:40
8Draxina5 Vip Days157 May, 6:54:36
9LynexFrost Charm (Freeze Rune)76 May, 15:19:23
10Mr MayoBag Of Gold Nuggets105 May, 23:34:13
11LynexCorrupted Healingrune355 May, 18:20:11
12LynexCorrupted Rod405 May, 18:19:19
13LynexCorrupted Ring755 May, 18:03:35
14LynexCorrupted Spellbook355 May, 18:03:20
15LynexCorrupted Manarune355 May, 18:03:05
16LynexCorrupted Spellbook355 May, 18:02:46
17LynexEvolera Boots1005 May, 18:02:32
18LynexCorrupted Legs355 May, 18:02:07
19LynexCorrupted Robe355 May, 18:01:55
20LynexCorrupted Armor355 May, 18:00:45
21LynexCorrupted Helmet355 May, 18:00:30
22Rickmus5 Vip Days155 May, 16:13:41
23Mr MayoBag Of Gold Nuggets105 May, 1:46:24
24Mr MayoBag Of Gold Nuggets105 May, 1:46:16
25Nox Thunder5 Vip Days154 May, 2:05:55
26Momo5 Vip Days154 May, 1:34:16
27MomoRed Arch Outfit Scroll754 May, 1:32:55
28Jack CrowCorrupted Spellbook353 May, 22:25:26
29Jack CrowCorrupted Robe353 May, 22:24:14
30Mayerss5 Vip Days153 May, 22:09:13
31Jack CrowBag Of Gold Nuggets103 May, 20:59:33
32Jack Crow5 Vip Days153 May, 20:04:46
33Jack CrowCorrupted Wand403 May, 20:03:28
34Jack CrowCorrupted Manarune353 May, 20:03:16
35RickmusRed Arch Outfit Scroll753 May, 16:01:24
36RickmusEvolera Boots1003 May, 16:00:56
37RickmusExp Boost503 May, 16:00:36
38RickmusAuto Aol And Bless Book1003 May, 15:59:59
39RickmusCorrupted Ring753 May, 15:59:43
40RickmusCorrupted Boots503 May, 15:58:57
41RickmusCorrupted Legs353 May, 15:58:46
42RickmusCorrupted Armor353 May, 15:58:02
43RickmusCorrupted Helmet353 May, 15:57:44
44Ast5 Vip Days153 May, 7:55:57
45Polaski BoyExura Corrupted Vita252 May, 21:53:53
46PallyCorrupted Shield352 May, 21:53:10
47PallyCorrupted Boots502 May, 21:52:59
48Pally5 Vip Days152 May, 21:50:26
49PallyCorrupted Ammo402 May, 21:50:14
50PallyCorrupted Crossbow402 May, 21:50:03
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