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Evolera New Launch.
by Marbella

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Evolera New Launch.
<center><h2>Server is starting 01/05-2022 18:00 CEST
Hello there - and welcome to, a 8.60 Based On Custom Client (Open Tibia server).</h2>
<font color="red"><h2>Basic information about Evolera)</h2></font>
<h3>Client: 8.6 Based On (Custom Client) <a href="">Click Here To Download</a>
Port: 7171</h3></center>
<h3>Q: What kind of server is Evolera?
A: Evolera is a high exp server where the focus mostly lays on PVP. Of course, there are quests, hunting places and bosses, however the main goal is to kill as many people as possible. The server has been open since early 2016 and has since then been developed to it's current state. Nowadays, we at the staff team focus on trying to create the best server possible for our players, therefore your opinion always matter to us and we would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.</h3>
<font color="red"><h2>Some of our current features</h2></font>
<h3>- Pvp-E - get EXP from slaying other players
- Arena 2v2/3v3 with ratings and weekly rewards for the top players
- Automatic events, such as LMS, Zombie & more
- Very balanced vocations
- Daily LMS @ 21:00 CEST with great monthly rewards
- Enchant system
- Pvp Loot system
- Hill bonus system ... and lots of more fun things that you will be able to experience once you get started playing!
- We've also added new sprites.
- We've also added new outfits.
- We've removed the tutorial plan there's no tutorial anymore.
- We've added new items in our website.
- Killstreak fully remade.
- blackjack now in casino!. (Fully Works)</h3>
<font color="red"><h2>Top 10 Highscore Players)</h2></font>
<h3>[Black skull] (top1 player) = +5% more DMG.
[Red skull] (top2,3 player) = +4% more DMG.
[Green skull] (top4,5) = +3% more DMG.
[Yellow Skull] (top6,7) = +2% more DMG.
[White skull] (top8,9,10) +1% more DMG.</h3>

<font color="red">Note: if you has a skull that's not mean you will lose you'r item its just a style that added for 10 top highscores. Don't Forget Useing (Bless & Aol).</font>

<font color="red"><h2>Enchant Gem Monsters.)</h2></font>
<h3>[Demon Outfit] this scroll give you 15% DMG.
[Juggernaut Outfit] this scroll give you 30% DMG.
[Flamingo Outfit] this scroll give you 30% Speed.</h3>

<strong>Thanks for checking out</strong>
We hope to see you ingame. Best regards, Evolera staff team.
29.04.22 11:40:33
Edited by Marbella
on 29.04.22 12:17:16

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