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Update V3
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Hello maydel how are you i love you man can you give me any thinhs
11.06.19 19:45:30
Owner Maydel

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Update V3

<center><h1>Hi Evolerians !</h1>

<h1>New update has come through, and what we have done is:</h1>
<h2>- Released new set (Zulkar)
- Added Maydel boots which are better than Crystal Boots ! (Available in Premium Shop)
- Heaven ring has been added to Item Seller [GN]
- Added Lottery Bird which let's you get any of the items from Premium Shop such as Zukar Armor or Crystal Boots ! (Available in Premium Shop)
- Added 10 talent points which can be only used once per character (Available in Premium Shop)
- Fixed map bugs</h2>

<h1>There is a big event coming up this Friday, where you will be able to win Premium Points ! Make sure you don't miss it !</h1>

King Regards, Evolera Team !</center>
12.12.18 23:08:43
Edited by Owner Maydel
on 12.12.18 23:22:33
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