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19 Of FEB.
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Owner Maydel

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19 Of FEB.

<font color="red"><h3>Note: There's no updated happen since 2020 30 Of Dec. but we've fixed all bugs and all error to keep the server up for a long time. and i've notified that the prices are high our paypal method have a cheapest price now. and also we've notified that the shop offer item exchanged from time to time this reset i have guarantee that there's no item better than</h3></font><strong>Heaven Item.</strong>
<h1>Evolera.Org 19 OF FeB. : Explosion Edition!</h1>
<font color="gold"></h2><strong>Stay Home, Stay Safe</font></h2></strong>
<h1>["Server Information"]</h1>
<h2>Ip: Evolera.org
Client: 8.60
Port: 7171</h2>
<h1><font color="red">Server Starts on: 19/02/2021 18:00 CEST Swedish Time</font></h1>
<h1>["New Feature"]</h1>
<h2>We've removed change name scroll from shop offer.
We've added the talent hp/mp.
We've removed Ec-Shop.
We've balance paladin buffs and healing.
We've balanced all vocations.
We've created new donation castles [Raper Maydel] Custom Monsters.
We've made custom quests: they are opened manually by staff members.
eXP of player and monster exp, has been decreased.
Hourly kills has been added again.
Castles can be useable now.
Monster Missions Npc - all missions have now been activated.
We've also added automatic OB every 1Hour in temple Coded by <strong> Snavy</strong></h2>
<h1>["New Idea"]</h1>
<h2>if there's anything else please send a mail to samygad2546@gmail.com for ideas and there's alot of reward for that.</h2>
<h1>["Pet System"]</h1>
<h2>Pet system have been added with alot of feature.
Pet system able to hunt and earn exp on kill too.</h2>
<h2>Pet system dmg increased by level.</h2>
<h2>Pet system will have your same health and same vocation.
Pet system needed to be trained to earn more skills</h2>
<h1>["Tutor Application"]</h1>
<h2>To be one of staff member in evolera,you have to help people and open help channel chat to help people and these following steps.</h2>
<h2>To take the exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements such as:</h2>
<h2>Must have played Evolera for at least 2 months.</h2>
<h2>Must have a character of level 1M or above.</h2>
<h2>Must not have a criminal record.</h2>
<font color="red"><h1>Create Your Account Now.</font></h1></center>
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