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New Update
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New Update

<center><h1>Hello evolerians.</h1></ br>

<h2>We are happy to announce that we will be introducing a new set "heaven set" it can be purchased from our website and will now be the best set in game. Our old donation set "merciless" can now be purchased from a npc which is located inside the temple, for a price of course.

We have also increased the ek buff by 4% and have fixed the ek spell for 2mill which now does the correct amount of damage and does not take a ridiculous amount of mana.

There have also been minor bug fixed within the map and donation castles have now been modified to be more exquisite and the monsters are now worth every single bit of your money you spend on them.

Finally are also happy to announce that we will be introducing another double exp weekend which we hope you all enjoy and make the most out of.</ br>

27.07.18 15:59:25
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