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Season IIIV
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Season IIIV

<center><br />
<h1>Server Information</h1><li><h3>Ip: Evolera.org</h3></li><li>Client: 8.60</li><li>Port: 7171</li></h3><br />
<h1><font color="red">Server Starts on: 04/09/2019 18:00CEST Swedish Time</font></h1><br />
<h1><font color="yellow">~New Features~</font></h1><h1><li>We've balance paladin buffs and healing </li><li>We've balanced all vocations</li><li>We've created new donation castles [Raper Maydel] Custom Monsters.</li><li>We've made custom quests: they are opened manually by staff members</li><li>We've made all Maydel weapons usable for all vocations.</li><li>Lux spells have been added as learnable spells in game and the damage has been increased</li><li>Exp earned from players has been decreased to balance server </li><li>Exp from monsters has been decreased to balance server</li><li>Monster Missions Npc - all missions have now been activated.</li><li>We've decreased the exp reward of monsters missions to balance server and exp formula.</li><li>Staff members are now active 24/7 hours to help people if there is any problems.</li><li>We've made event maker's as staff to open events for players around the clock</li><li>We've added new automatic events</li><li>We've removed maydel weapons till players get level 2M. due to balance our damage in evolera.!</li><li>we've added killstreak system.</li><li>we've added <font color="brown">Guardian Set</font> as quests in evolera city the quests are in secret places.</li><li>Hourly kill has been removed due to makeing alot of lags on server.</li></br><h1><font color="red">~Soon~</font></h1><li>we will added mp/hp in talent</li><li>if there's anything else please send a mail to samygad2546@gmail.com for ideas and there's alot of reward for that.</li></br><h1><font color="yellow">~Combo Spells!~</font></h1><h2><font color="red">Sorcerer: exevo energy lux, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns</font></br><font color="red">Druid: exevo super energy hur, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns</font></br><font color="red">Paladin: Exura hot, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns!</font></br><font color="red">Knight: Exori combo gran, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns!</font></h2></br><h1><font color="yellow">~Other fixes~</font></h1><h2>- Fixed so depots are non trashable<br />
- Fixed token shop for spells (Down stairs Protection zone of bridge.)<br />
- Added [Kills,Assist,Deaths,Solokills] system! It counts all of your records.<br />
- we've removed the 1X talent scroll.</h2></br><h1><font color="red">~Pet System~</font></h1><li>Pet system have been added with alot of feature.</li><li>Pet system able to hunt and earn exp on kill too.</li><li>Pet system dmg increased by level</li><li>Pet system will have your same health and same vocation<li><li>Pet system needed to be trained to earn more skills</li></br><h1><font color="red">~Protection System~</font></h1><li>Due to alot of people asks me for added new system so we've added protection system.</li><li>Protection system containted alot of things the protection system scroll will be publish soon on Webshop.</li></br><h1><font color="red">New System Has Been Added</h1><font><ul><li>Paymnet History added</li><li>Reedem Code added for events.</li></ul></br><h1><font color="red">~TUTOR APPLICATION~</font></h1>To be one of staff member in evolera,you have to help people and open help channel chat to help people and these following steps.<br />
</br>To take the exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements such as:<br />
<li>Must have played Evolera for at least 2 months.</li><li>Must not have a criminal record.</li<br />
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