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23-05 Update!
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Owner Maydel

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23-05 Update!

<center><font color="red"><h1>23-05 Small Update</font></h1>
<h1><li>Evolera is now updating on monsterExp gain is increase.</h1></li>
<h1><li>ExpKill gain from player is now increase.</h1></li>
<h1><li>People are asks for put new item so we've added now in shop offer the best item in-game <font color="green">(Zulkar)</font></h1></li>
<h1><li>We're made 2 new event's automatic.</h1></li>
<h1><li>Fix map bugs of quests some wrong places.</h1></li>
<h1><li>we will choose today new tutor to keeping help from tutor application on forum.</h1></li>

<h1><li>If there's any new information we will provide it soon!</h1></li></center>
23.05.19 16:03:45
Edited by Owner Maydel
on 23.05.19 16:21:02
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