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What's New In Evolera
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What's New In Evolera

<font color="green"><center><h1>Welcome Evolerians</h1></font>
<h1>Best update in evolera for christmas.</h1>

<font color="red"><h1>Happy Christmas Holidays</h1></font>

<h2><li>we've updated full map as winter.</li>
<li>we've edit the bridge fully winter.</li>
<li>we've removed some houses from bridge due to added new traps and new features.</li>
<li>we've added a small town inside the bridge named [Maydel Town].</li>
<li>we've added a gandalf in wizardino monsters so you can find now demonica item when you killed it.</li>
<li>We've added a new best item in-game ever as Iceevo Item.</li>
<li>we've edit the bridge fully winter.</li>
<li>we've added in bridge Hollistic Devil Mantis you can looted from this monster a demonica items.</li>
<li>we've removed 1 talent points scroll due to there's a 10 talent points talent into webshop.</li>
<li>we've now added christmas token into temple so you can buy 1christmas token for 300GNS.</li>
<liwe've added the hyper sd for christmas token you can find the lever in temple.</li>
<li>we've added new bosses monsters.</li>
<li>we've removed 1vs1 arena due to bugged..</li>
<li>fixed all map bugs..</li>
<li>Do not trust any character's or look alikes, If you want to see which GM to trust go check out website athttp://evolera.org/?subtopic=staff.</li></h2><font color="red"><h1>~New Spells~</h1></font>
<h2><li>we've added utamo ghost spell for paladin vocation.</li>
<li>utamo ghost its give you 8 second hide in war and you can use it per 2 minutes its take 50% manapercent per once.</li>
<li>we've added exori paralyze for knight vocation.</li>
<li>exori paralyze work by use it alot of time on the ppl and he can get paralyze 100% can't atleath move its take from your manapercent 10% per once.</li></h2>

<font color="red"><h1>~Exp Kill - Monster~</h1></font>
<h2>Due to alot of people asks for increase the exp kill,
<li>we've now increase the exp kill to 2X.</li>
<li>we've decrease exp from monster 10% more.</li></h2>

<font color="yellow"><h1>~New Features Soon~</h1></font>
<h2><li>we will gonna make zulkar quests soon!.</li>
<li>talent for mp/hp we will gonna to added it soon!.</li>

<font color="yellow"><h1>~Cristmas - Santa Event's~</h1></font>
<h2><li>1st Christmas: Christmas Event, Will starts in: 31/12/18 21:00CEST Swedish Time. will get 7 winner for each winner 15 Premium Points.</li>
<li>2nd Santa: Santa Event, its a new event. will get 10 Winner for each winners 10 Premium Points. starts in: 01/01/19 22:00 CEST Swedish Time.</li></h2>

<h1><font color="brown">~New Features~</h1></font>
<h2> Hollistic Devil Mantis temporary buff spawning at the eastern island of bridge, along with the flamingo speed buff!

- Boosted rewards in the Bridge bosses, you will now experience it to be easier to get demonicas / heavens.

- Heaven items has gotten a decrease in price at NPC Item seller.

- Map change system, staffs can now change the theme of the bridge during the day with a simple command.</h2>

<h1><font color="red">We will never ask you for your personal information, either account or password.
Do not share your data with anyone.</font></h1>

<h1>You'rs / Maydel</h1></center>
30.12.18 16:14:15
Edited by Maydel
on 30.12.18 22:04:28
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